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Social Media Marketing for Small Business
Take a moment to reflect on your everyday life. Do you see something that accompanies us constantly? Yes… Our life today is surrounded by social networks. Social networks help us stay connected with everyone: friends, family, interesting sites and more. It is a place where we can relax and be informed, but also find products and services. We can search and find what we need and want with a single click. People nowadays are more used to doing their own research and one of their favorite search tools is social networks as they are very familiar with them and get the information they are looking for.

But are they the right platform to present our company? Yes! Social networks are in the palm of your hand and easy to use. Businesses use social media to market their products or services, easily connect with customers, build brand awareness, and more. With social networks, companies can very quickly see how they relate to their customers, what impact they are having and harmonize their brand, connect more closely with their customers, and delight them.

The objective of this webinar is to understand:-

1. Which social media platform is the correct one for your business?

2. Advantages of social media as a business

3. Tips & Tricks

4. Where to start?


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Rodrigo Galvan
Founder | RGA The Nomad
Rodrigo is one of our Ignite clients who is currently in the process of launching an online business. (The Tribe). During this adventure it has led him to define him as a solution curator. What does this mean? That he takes care of finding solutions that exist to help his clients reach their goals for their online business and presence. Rodrigo curates a collection of services, such as online payments, online stores, logo design, web design, and more, to help them achieve the objectives they have in mind. These experiences have made him realize that it is not about finding a solution to a problem but developing an ability to recognize that the issue is generating an opportunity to create something new! The secret is to see opportunities in every challenge.