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Softletter100 : Business Metrics for SaaS & Cloud Companies
HOT OFF THE PRESS! 2020 Results for Market Leaders in SaaS & Cloud

> Salesforce See Overall Revenue Increase by 28%
> HubSpot grow but Operating Income at -6% of revenue
> Teradata’s Cost of Sales (COS) operations hit 44% percentage of revenue
> Ten New Entrants Due to M&A Increased Activity
> Sales & Marketing Expenditure Increases overall

The webinar will reveal the full set of results from the market leaders with expert analysis and projected trends for 2021.

Softletter100 will host this live, information-packed webinar analyzing key financial metrics from the results. Softletter100 is a curated list of the industry’s top publicly-owned SaaS and Cloud companies broken into 15 groups.

In this session, the primary data we’ll be working with is derived from US SEC 10-K data extracted from 100+ publicly-owned software and SaaS market leaders. These companies are broken into 15 different industry sectors.

About the Softletter100
Groups included in the Softletter100 list include SaaS Sales and Marketing, Social Media, Big Data and Analytics, SaaS Enterprise, SaaS Verticals and others. Companies listed include Amazon, Blackbaud, Box, Dassault, Facebook, HubSpot, Intuit, Salesforce, SAP, Sendgrid, Zendesk, and Zuora and many more...
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