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How to Pay for College: Smart Money Moves for College-Bound Families
Join Tom Martin, WMCP for his highly-acclaimed "How to Pay for College: Smart Money Moves for College-Bound Families"

In this webinar, Tom takes a deep into the numbers colleges and universities are looking at when coming up with your family's unique college price tag. He answers parents' most pressing financial concerns like:

• Where can we get into college?
• Where can we get the most financial aid and scholarship money?
• What if we make too much money to qualify for financial aid?
• What colleges can we afford based on what we have today?
• How do we pay for all four years, down to the penny?
• How will our college choices affect our retirement plans?

Tom Martin, WMCP® is a Private Wealth Advisor at Vaylark Financial Services. He specializes in complex planning strategies and strategic wealth management.

"It's the ultimate problem-solving task we have to address as financial advisors, making sure our clients don't outlast their money." --TomMartin, WMCP®
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