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Dispelling 4 Myths About Association Mobile Apps
We’ll get right down to it: if your association doesn’t have it’s own mobile app, you’re behind the curve. Mobile apps are the best addition you can make to your marketing stack, and one of the most powerful ways to reach and engage with your members. If you exclusively rely on email and social media, it’s all too easy to get drowned out in the noise.

Unfortunately, too many association managers are apprehensive about creating an app, for all the wrong reasons.

Is it too expensive?

Too complex?

Isn’t my website alone good enough?

It’s not only important to know these myths aren’t true, but understand why they’re not true.

Join us for our free webinar on February 25th, where Tom DeBacco, CEO of MobileUp Software, will explain just that.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
(1) The timeline for creating an association mobile app.
(2) The real cost of creating a mobile app.
(3) Why a mobile app is a mission-critical initiative for your association.
(4) The powerful ways you can use a mobile app to engage members and create a better member experience.
(5) How easy it is to manage a mobile app.
(6) Answer any questions you have during a live Q&A.
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