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Feel the Fear -- Down to the Wire
We’re down to the wire here. Everybody is in fear. Let’s get together and talk about it. I cannot remove your fear. I can teach you tools to put distance between you and your fear. If you learn to manage your fear, your loved ones will learn to manage their fear. I can offer you ways to help you change the way you react to the barrage of fear in the world right now.

About facilitator Shirley Riga
I help people cope with fear and anxiety by teaching proven tools and techniques developed by Dr. Susan Jeffers’ in her best-selling book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. I’m a licensed trainer and have never been let down by these tools and techniques. In fact, I’ve used them for the past 45 years. Learn more about Shirley at https://www.conqueringyourfears.com/

Let’s work on your fear! Join me in a free virtual event on Thursday, October 29th at 7pm to 8:30pm Eastern time.
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