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WNORTH Workshop: Say Less Get More At Work and At Home with Fotini Iconomopoulos
About: Say Less Get More At Work & At Home

Negotiations happen all around us. While the idea of negotiating stresses many people out, the reality is that negotiation is just a form of communication. Contrary to popular belief, effective negotiation isn’t about arguing; it’s a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. It’s a process of discovery that requires more listening than speaking. In this eye-opening keynote, communication expert Fotini Iconomopoulos will demonstrate how we are constantly negotiating with those around us in myriad ways, and it rarely looks like a pay-per-view main event. The more comfortable you can get with the idea of negotiation as a conversation, the more opportunities you will create for the kind of life you want.

- Learn how to recognize different types of negotiation opportunities.
- Understand subtle ways to communicate what you want more effectively.
- Find out how negotiating a variety of life situations can lead to early retirement.

Normally, our workshops at The Members' Club at WNORTH are limited to members, but in December you are invited to join us to get a taste of our content for free!

Dec 2, 2021 09:00 AM in Vancouver

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