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Feedback on the Copyright (Excluded Works) Order
MinLaw and IPOS are seeking feedback as part of a public consultation exercise on the Copyright (Excluded Works) Order (“the EWO”).

The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Limited along with BR Law is inviting its in-house counsel members and friends to participate in this consultation exercise to voice your options and opinions.

The EWO sets out situations where users are permitted to circumvent technological protection measures (“TPMs”), to enable legitimate uses of copyrighted works. TPMs are technologies or devices that restrict the access or use of copyrighted works, for instance by preventing users from making unauthorised copies of a protected work.

Since TPMs can inadvertently prevent legitimate uses, the exceptions in the EWO help protect users of copyrighted works. However, the EWO needs to be periodically renewed. As part of the process, MinLaw and IPOS are seeking feedback on whether the existing exceptions in the current EWO are still relevant and should be retained, and whether new exceptions are needed.

Further information and updates may be found at the public consultation page, at https://www.mlaw.gov.sg/news/public-consultation-on-copyright-excluded-works-order2020.


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