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Workshop: Launching the Journey to Traefik
In this workshop Julien Salleyron, Distinguished Engineer at Traefik Labs, will walk you through the core of Traefik. He’ll start with what happens the moment you launch Traefik, and guide you through the base elements of your favorite reverse proxy.

Julien will go over how to parse the configuration, listening to incoming traffic, creating the providers (the cornerstone of Traefik’s compatibility with every orchestrator), and how to create the TCP/UDP/HTTP reverse proxies. This tutorial will teach how to connect the dots between the core components.

Speaker Bio:

Julien Salleyron, Distinguished Engineer, Traefik Labs
During my early years as a developer, I nurtured my programming skills by getting involved in several open-source projects related to PHP (frameworks, language extensions, and libraries). As time went on, my former language and I drifted apart. Five years ago, when I started to work on a microservice architecture, I discovered a world filled with containers and clusters, a world I was talking to in Go. Today, I'm a proud member of Traefik Labs and I spend my days working on Traefik Proxy, a modern reverse-proxy written in Go. The best part? It's an open-source project.

You can find Julian on Twitter at @juguul.

Dec 16, 2020 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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