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Culture Development Through Perspective
- Organizational culture is where many issues that eventually turn into incidents begins
- By focusing on continual culture development and improvement, the trickle down effect is a safer working environment
- Many organizations do not take into account the pre-employment behavioral development of their employees, simply running with what walks through the door. (Hiring a skill in order to fill a role with no real consideration of what the persons behavior may do to help or hinder the business culture and safety performance.) My approach uses perspective as the tool to align employees behavior, which directly impacts culture, and subsequently safety.

Feb 8, 2022 09:00 AM in Arizona

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Brian Owens
VP of Safety & Team Development @Buesing Civil Engineering Contractor
Brian Owens’ career in occupational safety & health has spanned more than 14 years and has encompassed many industries, including open pit copper mining, industrial construction, aluminum extrusion, oil & gas, pipeline, and heavy civil construction. Additionally, Brian spent 4 years managing the risk control department for a large insurance broker, specializing in captive insurance risk control consultation. Brian has a B.S. in Occupational Safety & Health, and conceptualized the Perspective-Based Safety strategy, as well as the Inversion risk management principles detailed in his book Inversion and the Perspective-Based Safety Culture. This book was featured as a READ IT! in the July 2019 edition of Phoenix Magazine, as well as receiving praise in the February 2020 edition of Independent Agent Magazine. Brian is an active duty combat veteran, having served with the Army Corps of Engineers from 2000 to 2005.