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How AI can fix systemic quality and material shortage issues
Historically, spending on quality in manufacturing is anywhere from 15-20% of sales. But in the 1980s, lean manufacturing heightened manufacturers’ focus on cutting muda.

So why is spending on quality still 15-20% of sales today?

In this webinar, Quality Digest will speak with Drishti Founder Prasad Akella and Volvo Senior Site SQM Lisa Meadows about the structural problem with quality control mechanisms in manufacturing today; the gaps in technology that can improve that percentage; and how today’s supply chain shortages are underscoring the problem by forcing manufacturers to reduce scrap and rework on already scarce parts.

Lisa Meadows will share examples from her extensive career in automotive manufacturing, while Dr. Akella will show how Drishti is using AI and computer vision to tackle the quality problem at its core, and finally walk the walk of quality improvement that has been talked about for decades.

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