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Techniques and tips for displaying and editing very large graphs
In this free webinar, we are going to present some techniques and tips for manipulating and editing large graphs.

Transforming large raw business datasets into a meaningful visualization can be a challenge. Large graphs often suffer from higher complexity, which generally makes them hard to grasp. Most of the time, only a small part of the diagram is of interest, and a typical “hairball” graph might look impressive but does not provide much insight to the viewer. Reducing the complexity is an excellent strategy for browsing large graphs. However, even after complexity reduction, the graph instance can still be very large, and thus we need techniques to display the graph elements efficiently and interact with them smoothly.

In this webinar, we will focus on two aspects to tackle these challenges. Namely, reducing the data complexity to obtain a smaller graph structure, including e.g., aggregation, clustering, or filtering, and improving the rendering and interaction performance, using WebGL, customizing user interactions, and more.
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