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Mama Glow Webinar: Parenting For Liberation: A Guide For Raising Black Children


May 21, 2020 06:29 PM

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Trina Greene Brown
Author @Parenting For Liberation
Trina Greene Brown is a proud Black-feminist Mama-activist of two. She founded Parenting for Liberation for parents of Black children to envision a world where our children are free to be their most liberated selves. As faculty for Move to End Violence, Trina engages leaders within the violence against women's movement to build an inclusive gender and racial justice movement by fostering deep, authentic relationships in beloved community.
Latham Thomas
Founder @Mama Glow
Named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100, Latham supports women in embracing optimal wellness and spiritual growth as a pathway to empowerment. Latham is leading a revolution in radical self-care, guiding women everywhere to “mother themselves first”. A celebrity doula and maternal wellness maven, Latham is the founder of Mama Glow, a global women’s health and education brand serving women along the childbearing continuum. She is a fierce advocate for birth equity and works to bridge policy gaps in maternal health. She’s co-founder of The Continuum Conference, a gathering of 300+ women centering the experience of fertility, pregnancy and new motherhood. Latham is a graduate of Columbia University and author of book two best-selling books; "Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living And Crowning The Queen Within" and "Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy".