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Book launch for "How Kyoto Breaks Your Heart"
This is the booklaunch for our newest prose collection: "How Kyoto Breaks Your Heart" by Florentyna Leow. The event feature a reading from Florentyna and Q&A.

You can order a copy of the pamphlet here: https://theemmapress.com/shop/prose/essays/how-kyoto-breaks-your-heart/

The book's blurb: 20-something and uncertain about her future, Florentyna Leow is exhilarated when an old acquaintance offers her an opportunity for work and cohabitation in a little house in the hills of Kyoto.

Florentyna begins a new job as a tour guide, taking tourists on elaborate and expensive trips around Kyoto’s cultural hotspots. Amidst the busy tourist traps and overrun temples, Florentyna develops her own personal map of the city: a favourite smoky jazz kissa; a top-shelf katsuobushi loving cat; an elderly lady named Yamaguchi-san, who shares her sweets and gives Florentyna a Japanese name.

Meanwhile, her relationship with her new companion develops an intensity as they live and work together. Their little kitchen, the epicenter of their shared life, overlooks a community garden dominated by a fruitful persimmon tree. Their relationship burns bright, but seasons change, the persimmon tree out back loses its fruit, and things grow strange between the two women.

Feb 24, 2023 10:00 AM in London

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