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Future of Fraud Management for Businesses 3.0 Webinar
Fraud has increased as COVID-19 continues to pressure companies to go digital.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), biometrics, and big data analytics are all important tools for detecting and preventing fraud in a variety of industries, especially as the globe adapts to the new digital nature of business during the COVID-19 pandemic. The risk of being deceived by fraudsters is larger than ever before as more businesses go online. Early in the coronavirus pandemic's run in the United States, AI fraud detection and prevention software company Fraud.net reported a 40% increase in online retail fraud attempts.

Meanwhile, the nonprofit professional organisation Association of Certified Fraud Examiners indicated that 77 percent of respondents saw an increase in fraud as of August 2020 in a series of benchmarking questionnaires. In light of these considerations, Group Futurista is preparing to bring together key experts from various industries and FinTechs to uncover the best Fraud Detection & Prevention solutions and nurture efficient knowledge that may help businesses prosper in these unpredictable times.


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