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Hone your maps by Assigning NoData with Surfer
Do you aspire to create accurate and honest representations of your data? Then you’ve probably run into the need to remove unreliable, noisy data points from your data set before creating your model. Use Surfer’s Assign NoData tool to easily refine grids and data points to represent the exact parameters you need. For example, grid only the data nodes inside the shoreline of a lake or pond and exclude the surrounding terrain. Or, use it to remove all data within a specified distance from an outlier sampling well or drillhole. You can even use the Assign NoData tool to replace a portion of a grid with another grid!

This webinar will cover several ways you can Assign NoData to XYZ data points, vector contour lines, and a grid file. Providing you with the knowledge to choose the method that works best for your personal workflows.

The topics will specifically cover how to:

- Assign NoData in the Grid Data dialog using a polygon boundary
- Assign NoData using a Mixed NoData flag (Assigning NoData inside and outside multiple polygons)
- Assign NoData in the Grid Data dialog using a convex hull
- Assign NoData in the Grid Data dialog using an Alpha shape
- Assign Nodata on an existing grid and replace a portion of a grid with another grid
- Tips to make your model publication ready

Jul 19, 2022 04:00 PM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Jake Stachewicz
Customer Support Specialist @Golden Software
Jake Stachewicz is a member of Golden Software's Customer Support team and joined the company in 2020. He received a BS from Utah State University in Wildlife Ecology, minoring in Sustainability. Prior to joining Golden Software, Jake's professional experience includes research on applying ecological data analysis and evolutionary biology models in order to predict how changing environments may affect the future of at-risk species (specifically beetles and wasps). He also worked as an intern for Fort Collins Utilities working with the water conservation team. Jake loves performing and supporting scientific research that can benefit the natural world. Outside of work you can find Jake snowboarding, hiking, or watching the Chicago Bears or Chicago Bulls. He also enjoys learning about new types of food and alcohol and goes out of his way to try unique restaurants and breweries.