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New Teacher Training Part 2 (Buzz LMS)
Welcome to Accelerate Education!

This is the second of two initial trainings designed for those who are both new to Accelerate Education curriculum and to accessing courses hosted on the Buzz platform. We strongly suggest completing one of the two prerequisites below prior to attending this session.

• Attendance at New Teacher Training Part 1 webinar or
• Completion of OnDemand New Teacher Training Part 1 (Buzz LMS)

This session covers:
• Grading Review
• Feedback Templates - how to create engaging feedback and use Buzz templates to improve efficiency
• Customization of the People Dashboard
• Course Settings - Dos and Don'ts
• Basic All Class Edits (add & hide Content)
• Accommodations & Group Settings

All attendees should register individually. Please do not forward your calendar invite to other attendees. Prior to registering check with your administrator if you are unsure if your courses are being hosted on Accelerate Education’s Buzz platform.

Sessions are not program-specific, and attendance will be limited to 100 attendees. Please send any questions or cancelations to training@accelerate.education.
Please choose only one webinar to attend.
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