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PrescriptionSOIL Solutions: A Revolutionary Tool to Increase Sales, Revenue & Profits
Introducing a “once-in-a-blue-moon” invention, taking years to perfect. PrescriptionSOIL Solutions’ fully automated, user-friendly powerful algorithm—SoilWIZARD—is designed to fit any size lawn and garden retail store. Nothing like it exists in the marketplace today!

Learn how PrescriptionSOIL Solutions can program your nutrient and soil amendment products into soilWIZARD with proven results:

- Increased top-line revenue by upselling
- Increased store visits by your customers for increased sales
- 100% science-based to increase marketplace credibility
- Differentiates you from box stores
- Templated platform allows you to select and provide the most profitable products
- Converts sales staff into agronomists
- Provides a new story to tell and dynamic to sell
- And most important—partnering with PrescriptionSOIL Solutions will enhance/improve the bond between you and your lawn, garden and landscape customer. PrescriptionSOIL Solutions is looking for independent lawn and garden retail store partners!

Your speakers will be Kip Connelly, owner, PrescriptionSOIL Solutions; Neil Wood—chief technology officer, Adapify, Inc.; and Tim Fennell, director of operations, PrescriptionSOIL Solutions.

Moderated by Ellen Wells, editor-at-large, Green Profit magazine

Webinar bonus: One Free PrescriptionSOIL Solutions soil analysis kit to the first 100 registered webinar participants.


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