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OT-ISAC Assessment Exercise (OAE)
What is OT-ISAC Assessment Exercise (OAE) ?

Conduct an exercise to secure critical infrastructure for OT-ISAC members using NIST CSF and business impact analysis modules

Key Takeaways:

• Identify top controls and gaps
• Understand BIA methodology
• Anonymously benchmark assessment results with other OT-ISAC members

This Exercise are divided in 3 Sessions:

Session 1: January 13, 2022
o Understand the fundamentals of using NIST-CSF and BIA modules for risk assessments
o Familiarize participants on the Platform and its capabilities
o Demonstrate the ability to gather responses and evidence from subject matter experts across the facility being assessed
o Demonstrate a completed NIST-CSF and BIA to show top controls and gaps

Session 2: January 20, 2022
Assessments – Assess One Facility

Session 3: February 10, 2022
Results Session:
-Guidance on usage of assessment results
-Anonymized results of participant assessments discussed for comparison; top controls identified across exercise

Anonymized exercise results from participants will be analyzed, shared with members, and discussed by OT-ISAC and SecurityGate.io experts.

OT-ISAC Exercise are intended to encourage interaction and exchange across community boundaries. Feel free to share your input or questions directly in a short call or email as you prefer.

*This Exercise is Exclusive for OT-ISAC Members only.

Not yet an OT-ISAC Member? Reach out to us at info@otisac.org to submit your member application.


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