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ID Technologies – From Industrial Tokens to International Travel
We have become very comfortable with the term Identification (be it digital or non-digital) and the use of both online and offline verification and authentication of a person’s ID. But technology and practical implementation in this field do not stand still. Where we once saw ID as the means to verify people we now also use the same technology to verify objects too.

Emerging markets require emerging security solutions. Sectors such as Industry IoT or digital and software rights management need to protect and secure massive amounts of sensitive data and limit logical and physical access only to those who are authorized to access such data. In the field of international travel, we are moving from practical documents to eDocuments and are looking to biometric technology for physical access across borders.

In this seminar we examine the change of thinking, technology innovation and the effect that these changes can bring to end users, that are occurring within the area of ID Tokens and Biometrics – be they private, public or industrial-based.

This time we will be broadcasting live from Wibu-Systems in Karlsruhe. So join Wibu-Systems, Yubico, Infineon, cryptovision, and Mühlbauer ID Services as each company brings their unique point of view to this topic. Hear how they are approaching the subject and what their discoveries and recommendations are. From Industrial IoT device authentication to bringing eID to regional communities, from Digital Identity Tokens to seamless travel through biometric technology.

Each has a story to tell and lessons that can be learnt.
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