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InvestIN Teacher Event - The Power of Humanities: Where can Arts & Humanities subjects take your students' future careers?
From modern languages to history, from literature to geography, Humanities subjects remain fundamental to interpreting and shaping humanity and culture. In the face of rising digitisation, these subjects persist in equipping us with transferable and interpersonal skills that shape a whole variety of career pathways that cannot be automated. But how can teachers help students navigate their options and champion these core, non-vocational subjects?

This evening we will be joined by a panel of leading professionals and will cover:

• An insight into the core skills that studying the humanities equips students with and look at how these can be transferred throughout the course of their career.
• Explore how studying the humanities can lead to a number of career pathways, hearing from a range of professionals across different industries on how they draw on the humanities day to day.
• Provide guidance on how teachers of the humanities can embed careers guidance into their curriculum, in line with Gatsby Benchmarks.

Mar 3, 2022 07:00 PM in London

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