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(CFBN Video Podcast): F&B-45 (Bi-Weekly)
Join us for the new episode of CFBN’s new bi-weekly lunchtime webinar series “The F&B-45” hosted by Joel Warady. This conversational series will provide a platform for Joel and his guests to explore pertinent topics and issues impacting F&B companies across Chicagoland, and beyond, right now. A cross-section of perspectives from industry leaders helping to find solutions and innovations to help us all push forward and find post-COVID solutions to getting our industry back up and running.

This week the title is Pivoting to a Revised Business Model. Amidst all of the economic and logistic challenges of the current climate, innovative and agile companies are exploring business pivots to see how to better connect with consumes. Join us for a look at two such companies exploring new business models to continue and grow their brands.

Joining us for the conversation:
Meghan Hurley, Head of Brand Marketing - Farmer's Fridge
Jordan Buckner, CEO/Co-Founder - TeaSquares
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