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Digital Dionysia - Week 4
Third Citizen Theatre Company invites you to join us for our first-ever online event, Digital Dionysia – a 10-week series of new contemporary plays inspired by classical Greek theatre and mythology, written and produced by playwrights and directors from across the country (and beyond!).

Featuring a talented cast of over 50 performers from coast-to-coast (and across the pond), the plays in Digital Dionysia reintroduce familiar characters and settings in ways that are surprising, hilarious, thought-provoking, and always original.

Register below for Week 4 – December 15th, 8:00 PM EST

Amphitrite and Poseidon: A Memory of Water – Written by John Minigan, Directed by Rose Freudberg

Synopsis: The nereid Amphitrite has tried hard to avoid the overbearing Poseidon, but he’s not taking the hint and he can’t seem to keep her out of his mind. Can she convince him to give up the power his father Kronos gave him and treat her as an equal?


Amphitrite - Rachel Greene
Poseidon - Jeomil Tovar

Flower In The Underworld – Written by Amy Oestreicher, Directed by Kate Devorak

Synopsis: Persephone looks for a new path once the world she knows has been uprooted after being lured to the side of the trail by Hades, King of the Underworld. Now, as she grapples with which direction is safe, and what is home, she looks back


Persephone - Ashley Skeffington
Hades - Eric Cheung

Sisyphus & Icarus: A Love Story – Written by William Ivor Fowkes, Directed by Dylan Torchinsky

Synopsis: Earthbound Sisyphus and flight-obsessed Icarus meet and fall in love. Two years later, they find themselves in couples therapy.


Sisyphus - Andrew Houlihan
Icarus - Jeomil Tovar
Libra - Meena Duguay

It Comes At A Cost – Written by Drea G. Pañares, Directed by Maddie Roth

Synopsis Coming Soon


Aelia - Lorraine Kanyike
Cari - Tiffany Santiago
Fates - Catherine Benjamin, Rebekah D. Wilson, & Lauren Jiang
The People - Finian Ross, Marisa Mason, Melanne Ghahraman, & Jeomil Tovar

Dec 15, 2020 08:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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