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Spendsuasion Webinar - The new way to help your clients happily spend more
Forget those tacky push-push techniques - Spendsuasion™ replaces them with new words, questions to ask and listening to your clients, giving you…
• More turnover
• More profitable services
• More happy clients

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beauty or dermal therapist, laser technician, cosmetic injector, clinician, cosmetic physician, practice manager, salon or clinic owner – you’ll learn 3 secrets and grow your results.

Secret #1: Improve your persuasion skills by 52% from the get-go
Secret #2: Help clients identify what they need, not just what they want
Secret #3: Dramatically improve the frequency that you get ‘YES’

Up-Sell: Participants have 25-50% increases
Cross-Sell: Participants have 10-20% increases
Retail Sales: Participants have over 50% growth

Sep 29, 2020 07:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Neil Osborne
Master Trainer, Business Coach and Entrepreneur @The SALES CATALYST
Neil Osborne has worked exclusively in the salon, clinic and aesthetic markets for over three decades. He teaches businesses and brands, how to be profitable and commercially clever. As a sales and business coach, he’s dramatically grown hundreds of service and product-based brands and businesses, using industry-specific methods that grow their sales, develop their consultation and persuasion skills, and multiply their turnover. "The principles I teach and methods I use are not only proven and easy to apply, they build sustainable growth. By transforming your processes from complex to radically simple and using an industry-specific toolkit, the growth multiplier effect is amazing.”