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Stripped Naked: How to Look at Nude Paintings - PART ONE
A three-week course

Part One: Introducing the Nude

The nude has always been one of the central subjects of art; from Classical Greece, up until the present day. Once considered the epitome of beauty, it is now regularly the subject of censorship and controversy.

This course will investigate how images of the nude reflect social attitudes of the time. It will raise questions about our changing relationship with the human body.

Should we be censoring the nude? Is the female nude always portrayed as an object of desire? Are male nudes always symbols of power? What has conditioned us to believe these notions? Are there artists who challenge the conventional gender roles?

Disclaimer: Not for the faint-hearted - there will be no censorship in this series of lectures!


May 7, 2021 11:00 AM in London

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