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Schema Therapy: A Phase-Oriented Approach
Schema therapy is a complex therapy that consists of a wide range of techniques aimed at a target group with a variety of problems. The task of the schema therapist is to connect with cli-ents, show them what they missed out on in childhood in terms of love, stability and security, and teach them how to put this right. It is an intense form of psychotherapy and there are many questions that therapists commonly ask. Where do you start? How do you proceed? When do you finish? How do you achieve depth and efficiency at the same time? Separating the treatment into a series of phases, each with its own framework, goal, approach and exercises, offers gui-dance and structure.
In this practical webinar, the characteristics of the different phases are presented and partici-pants have the opportunity to get acquainted with specific interventions from each phase.
The goals of this interactive webinar are:
- To offer participants a practical guide to using the phase-oriented method in Schema Therapy
- To provide some guidelines to keep a complex therapy processes transparent
- To demonstrate some exercises and tips derived from the clinical practice
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