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OpenIAM 2021 Q2 – Customer IAM (CIAM) and passwordless authentication
OpenIAM 2021 Q2 is major update to the OpenIAM platform which adds significant functionality to support CIAM use cases along with expanded support for passwordless authentication. The webinar details are described below.

Need for Customer IAM
OpenIAM will describe the challenges facing organizations as they roll out new services to support their customers and business partners. CIAM can help improve security, the end-user experience and reduce operational overhead.

OpenIAM CIAM Overview
Overview of the functionality found in the OpenIAM CIAM solution and how it helps address customer challenges.

Case Study
OpenIAM discusses how a customer is using OpenIAM in a large-scale deployment consisting of millions of users, numerous systems which need to be integrated, and a diverse set of requirements based on various user populations.

Demo will cover the following topics:
• Managing external users/customers: self-registration, bulk management, delegated administration, workflow
• Multi-Factor Authentication: FIDO 2, SMS/e-mail OTP and passwordless authentication with push notification
• Authentication in an out-of-band environment
• Adaptive authentication
• SSO and federation
• Branding/UI Customization


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