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Leading For Creative Performance With Emotional Wellness
Working with high levels of creativity today is a challenge for most, especially when emotional well being is at risk during times of uncertainty. How we regulate our emotions impacts our creative performance and creativity is a skill we need to innovate for long-term success.

Regulating emotions simply means learning how to be resilient and that requires healthy connections with yourself, team, and organization. There are four key steps to develop this skill and when combined with the creative process will open up new ways of thinking.
In this 45 minute keynote, I share practical techniques and compelling evidence that I learned leading thousands of creative entrepreneurs that I’ve translated into a practical framework that will help over-whelmed professionals thrive. I invite the audience to embrace the core principles of a creative life—emotional intelligence, creative intelligence, and how to combine them to maximize creative performance.

Learning Objectives
1. Learn the principles of how to raise emotional and creative intelligence.
2. Discover the four-step technique to regulate emotions and access creative thinking.
3. Understand how to create connections and how that applies to collaboration at work.
4. Discover the importance of shared experiences and how that impacts creative performance.
5. Understand how these principles work together and lead to ultimate success.

Jun 9, 2021 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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