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The moral haze: how civil servants can maintain legitimacy in an era of populism
A wave of populist governments around the world have placed civil and public service ethics in the spotlight like never before. Presidents and prime ministers calling for actions that break international law or which breach professional codes of conduct place public servants – and the institutions they are part of – in a position where they face difficult questions about whether to work with the government or to leave their role.

Such tumult also impacts the view of the populations that civil servants are meant to represent – and be accountable to. Opposition to government policies can lead to accusations of undermining the ‘will of the people’, while those opposed to the populist policies demanding that civil servants stand up to their political masters.

This webinar will bring together public servants from around the world to discuss how public and civil servants should cope with these situations.

Join this webinar to find out:

- How civil servants should balance demands from ministers with their professional ethics
- How public and civil service structures can maintain integrity under political attack – and how to be transparent about their role
- How civil servants should raise concerns over honesty, objectively, and impartiality of government requests.

- Chaired By: Siobhan Benita, Webinar Editor, Global Government Forum

Jul 4, 2023 02:30 PM in London

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