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Creating a Video-First Business Culture in Your Team - Kevin Aires
We’ve all heard we need to ‘do video’ to promote our business because it’s so powerful, but so few of us actually get around to doing it. There are many reasons for this - perhaps we’re afraid of being on camera, or just that it sounds like too much hassle or expense, or we're concerned that our particular clients e.g. Public Sector, won't accept video.

My guest Kevin Aires, is an expert on coaching business people to use video to effectively share their message with their audience. He’s coached hundreds of executives to use video effectively in a variety of ways, including to close bids and proposals worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

In this session, Kevin will be sharing how you can use video at all stages of your business processes, from improving back-office functions to communicating more effectively and regularly with your clients and prospects in ways that can get around the usual barriers and concerns. By creating a ‘video-first’ culture, your team will get far more used to using video in all sorts of ways which quite simply will drive results for your business!


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