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David Beth - Cult of the Black Cube
For this free online event, we're delighted to host author and publisher David Beth (Theion Publishing) who will present the second edition of "Cult of the Black Cube - A Saturnian Grimoire".

"Feared, bedeviled and vilified but also venerated, adored and embraced, Saturn and his shadowy powers have strongly influenced the spiritual and magical life of cultures and individuals for millennia. Concentrating especially on His antinomian and anti-cosmic character, The Cult of The Black Cube: A Saturnian Grimoire is a seminal study on the occult essence and esoteric significance of Saturn in theory and practice.

The Cult of the Black Cube: A Saturnian Grimoire is divided into three main sections:

Part I examines the ambivalent role of Saturn in various religious and magical traditions around the world focusing especially on His Islamic, Classical and Indian cults. Fleshing out the common traits underlying Saturn’s global manifestations, Dr. Moros argues for a perennial cult of Saturn expressed in various cultural guises.

Part II and III comprise the Grimoire of the Black Cube which provides a comprehensive armory of occult weaponry to initiate Saturnine contact and to establish an individual cultus of Saturn. Part II presents a thorough esoteric analysis of the Saturnine Cult and the nature of its initiatic path. Part III is devoted to the practical applications of Saturnine worship and magic.

Corrected and revised, this second edition also features a new foreword by Dr. Tomas Vincente, author of The Faceless God, and an elaborate essay by David Beth on the Saturnine deity entitled “Clavis Saturni: A Kosmic Heresy”. "

Jan 13, 2022 05:30 PM in London

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