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EU4CHILD Webinar
Among the activities developed by EU4Child the consortium has mapped the current landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for Childhood Cancer to understand how AI can help improve care pathways in the EU. EU4CHILD is designing a new framework for research on Artificial Intelligence (AI), active collaboration and knowledge exchange on childhood cancer. This ecosystem will be able to provide decision support and treatment recommendations for health and care professionals, researchers, and policy makers, with the help of AI. For patients and their families, the ecosystem is intended to provide reliable information on paediatric cancer and survivorship. We have developed the features of a Framework and knowledge base that we would love to have the chance to presenting them to you on the webinar to be held on Tuesday 27th September 2022 at 11.00 CET.

Our agenda will include:

Introduction to EU4CHILD
Diana López, Project Manager, Australo

EU4Child crowdsourced database for paediatric cancer AI based platform
Santiago Barrio Lottmann, Researcher, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

EU4Child Knowledge Base
Juan Mercado, Researcher, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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