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Masterclass: The One Page Business Plan
One necessary, and often dreaded, task on the entrepreneurial journey is creating a business plan.  It takes time and effort, research, data and analysis.

It’s not easy, but if it were everyone would be a successful business owner.  Truth is, you simply cannot skip over this success step.

“Here’s what I know for sure:  I took a 6-month course on how to write business plan before opening my company.  I just about turned myself inside out.  But, it helped me to raise the funding I needed to open and has been a cornerstone of my success ever since.  I call on that planning skill set again and again.  It is the foundation on which I’ve built a company that runs without me.”                                                             -Donna Miller, Founder C3Workplace

Donna Miller, 25+ year business owner and highly sought-after business growth consultant, is offering her first ever Master Class to teach you, step by step, how to write your own One Page Business Plan.  It’s a very simple approach to creating your roadmap to success.

Who should attend:

- Business coaches who need help with the business side of coaching
- Aspiring Entrepreneurs who need to beta test their start up idea
- Start- ups who have taken the plunge and now must create strategies for success
- Business Owners who want, or need, to up level their results
- Solopreneurs who aspire to build organizations that will run without them involved in the day to day.
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