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FREE Webinar: How to help others transmute their Karma into their Gifts of Service: 8 November 2022
Have you noticed how people turn away from the biggest karmic challenges they face in their lives?
No matter how hard they have tried as they are just too painful for them to face.
As they lack the Spiritual Map of Life of how to overcome them?

FREE Live Webinar on how you can help others identify these core karmic patterns.
And how to go about transmuting them.

So they can deliver their Gift of Service to the World.

...especially in this time of the Great Awakening,
where people are connecting with what's really important.

That special thing they have been looking for their entire life.

Training as a Soul Contract Reader enables you to:

• Decode the secrets of the blueprint of life for people hidden within the sounds of their birth name, which creates their reality in each moment
• This Spiritual Map of Life empowers them:

> to overcome their karma/challenges
> express more of their talents/strengths
> achieve their goals/dreams
> manifest their soul purpose

• As a therapist/counsellor/coach/consultant or training/workshop facilitator, this tool will give you the Spiritual Map of your client's lives

> with an immediate and profound understanding of their issues
> which will accurately guide you throughout all your work with them
> immediately building trust
> thus producing better and faster results

Training Dates: 12 - 16 October 2022
Zoom Global Web Conference

This FREE Webinar will show you how this Training will help you achieve all of this.

8 November 2022: 4.30-6PM, 11.30AM-1PM EST, 10.30AM-12PM CST, 9.30-11AM MST, 8.30-10AM PST, 5.30-7PM CET

For different timezones:

..if you can't make it live, register anyway and we'll send you a YouTube link afterwards.

In Love and Service

Nicolas David Ngan

Nov 8, 2022 04:30 PM in London

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