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Wellness Wednesdays
Our monthly webinars are carefully-curated conversations designed to present relevant solutions and tools for increasing resilience, while staying focused, productive and positive. Wellness Wednesdays, is hosted the last Wednesday of every month at noon EST by Diversity Woman Media Publisher and CEO, Dr. Sheila Robinson.
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Dr. Sheila Robinson
Founder @Diversity Woman Media
DR. SHEILA ROBINSON is a celebrated publisher, author on leadership, inspiring speaker and talent innovation specialist. Her company Diversity Woman Media is recognized nationally as a leading multi-platform enterprise with program offerings that advances all dimensions of diversity and inclusion (D&I). An expert in diversity and inclusion Dr. Robinson helps leading companies transform their culture to reach gender parity, equity and belonging by combining her first-hand experience climbing the corporate ladder with the highest academic degrees, best practices from her leading magazines, and a deep passion for evidence-based workplace learnings. Dr. Robinson is the author of two books: Lead by Example: An Insider’s Look at How to Successfully Lead in Corporate America and Entrepreneurship (2014) and Your Tool Kit for Success: The Professional Woman’s Guide for Advancing to the C-Suite (2017).
Daneen West
Owner @Brain Health Coach LLC
Daneen West is a Cisco Customer Success Executive, Mother of 3, and Brain Health Coach LLC owner. For the past 21 years, Daneen has worked for Cisco Systems designing, and leading industry award-winning talent development programs and currently supports New York City customers, 100% virtually from her home in North Carolina. After years of being on the verge of burnout, she is professionally more resilient, energized, and mentally sharp than decades earlier because of discovering brain health, where all the power is to up-level your life. Certified through the NeuroLeadership Institute and Amen Clinics, Brain Health has transformed every area of Daneen’s life, and she is compelled to provide the opportunity for others to ease anxiety, boost focus and finally work on their sleep struggles. Online, Daneen is known as the Brain Health Coach and is often described by her followers as a pioneer, an inspiration, and an angel who arrives just at the right time.