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Real Estate Investing: Leveraging the VA Loan and Alternative Financing Strategies to Build and Grow Your Portfolio (featuring Paramount Bank)
Whether just getting started in real estate investing or adding to a portfolio of multiple properties, one thing is certain: you’ll need financing. The financing strategies you use can make a huge difference in how efficiently you build and grow your real estate investments. In a sea of information and finance offerings (that may not be easy to qualify for), understanding how to access and efficiently use available tools and resources will play a critical role in the way you approach building your real estate investment portfolio. Join the discussion to learn ways to leverage your VA loan to build an investment property portfolio with little to no cash down; as well as strategies to use asset-based solutions for those who may find it difficult to qualify for traditional mortgages, and products designed to help finance investments.

This webinar will help you discover:

1) VA Loan Features & Benefits – Details on the What, Why, When, and How
2) VA Loan Entitlement - Who Qualifies
3) Specific Scenarios on How to Leverage the VA Loan for Real Estate Investing
4) Alternative (non-VA Loan) Financing Strategies
5) Paramount Bank’s commitment to the military community, VA Loan expertise and Veteran focused commercial products

There is not cost to attend.

Participants of the Webinar Series will have the opportunity to submit their profiles into the Professional Profile Directory (PPD). The PPD features the highly sought-after skills, talents and leadership competencies of current and former military officer women, senior enlisted women and degreed military spouses in career transition. Military men joining this webinar are also welcome to submit their profiles.

This directory will be shared with AcademyWomen partners who may be able to facilitate hiring, a group that includes a wide array of top-caliber corporate, nonprofit and government entities. The PPD is an optional resource if you are interested in seeking career resources and new career opportunities.

Jul 21, 2022 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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