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Free Webinar: Taking control of industry specific licensing for increased savings
Autodesk, Solidworks, MatLabs, Creo, Bentley, DSLS..... 

Join Rich Gibbons, ITAM Services Director at ITAM Review and Oren Gabay, CEO & Co-founder at OpenLM, in this free webinar, where they take a look at these, and other, industry specific software programs and publishers to show how these can be incorporated into a wider SAM/ITAM program - and the benefits of doing so.

Learn how to overcome the various software license management challenges caused by multiple License Managers

Discover more about managing the various licensing models of these publishers

Understand how you can save time, and money, across the business

The agenda includes:

Autodesk Licensing Models and how comprehensive management can save £££ during procurement/renewal
Challenges with multiple License Managers and how to address them

The benefits of consolidating various License Managers into a single console

How reporting can support quick decision making with deep insights of actual license usage

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Rich Gibbons
ITAM Services Director @ITAM Review
Rich has almost 15 years’ experience in the world of IT and software licensing, having been both a software sales manager for a VAR and a Microsoft licensing endorsed trainer. A Northerner renowned for his shirts, Rich is a fan of most films, Hip-Hop, travel, football in general (and specifically MUFC), Marvel and reading as many books as possible. Finding ways to combine these with software licensing is always fun.
Oren Gabay
CEO & Co-founder @OpenLM
I work with managers and administrators in organizations that use engineering software to stretch their licenses to their limits. OpenLM (www.openlm.com) is one of the global leaders in software license management solutions for engineering and specialty software applications (source: Gartner SAM Market Guide, Sep 2021).