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Safety Strategies for Seniors: Exercising Safely
Safety, whether exercising or moving through your day starts with an awareness of your environment and your body’s position in that space.

A wide range of vision will ensure that you avoid obstacles and improve balance. Improved sensation in your feet and provides immediate messaging to your brain, preventing a loss of balance. Breaking your movement “habit” and moving in ways you are not used to provides your brain with experience, an emergency plan, in case you do end up in an unexpected position.

In this presentation we will learn and practice ways to see, feel and move better so you will feel safer not only when exercising, but all day long.


We are honoured and excited to partner with Hydro One to present a series of digital events dedicated to a variety of ways to improve your safety. On the 3rd Monday of every month from June through November, we will bring you safety strategies for you to learn and act upon. Our events will be fun, engaging and a great way to connect with others, all by using the Internet from home to join our program. Here is the list of safety topics and dates.

Each of the sessions will be taped and stored on our site for you to share with family and friends. Join us to learn how to make your world safer and more enjoyable.

Sep 20, 2021 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Anne Klausner
Chronic Pain Specialist @Exercise With Care
In 2016, Anne Klausner founded Exercise with Care in order to spread her vision of health and wellbeing in the community by combining her experience in the field of rehabilitation with the skill of a personal trainer and knowledge of neurology. Past injuries, surgeries and life experiences all affect the way you move today. Neurology based exercises are extremely effective at reducing pain and increasing strength and balance. Programs include daily drills to keep you progressing towards your goals. After all, exercise is about feeling better every day, not just on gym days. Anne studied hydrotherapy at the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, Israel. She supplemented these studies at Wingate Institute of Physical Education and the Mind-Body Center also in Israel, training in osteopathic and rehabilitation therapy methods. She went on to gain invaluable experience working at the Sheba Rehabilitation Hospital with patients of all ages who had suffered traumatic injuries.