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The Experimental Approach: Reinventing Policy Making in the Age of Data
The ever increasing information flows combined with constant advancements in data related services are changing the way in which policy decisions are being made and implemented. Today, one would struggle to find a sector that hasn’t been affected by the so-called data shake. We witness widespread application of data driven approaches in healthcare and transportation, in immigration and environment, in agriculture and public services; and it’s a trend that has no signs of slowing down.

In this webinar, we’ll explore new ideas influencing policy making in the age of data, with a particular focus on experimentation. Across the world, a small but growing movement of data and innovation enthusiasts is advocating for a more experimental approach to policy making. The word experimental does not imply decisions should be radical let alone reckless. Genuine experimentation is really about putting in place a structure to help people learn from shared experiences and adapt. Experimental governance also goes beyond a static evidence based policy, because evidence only reflects what worked previously or somewhere else, and as such can reinforce the status quo.

In this data age, governments should be more innovative in their approach to policy making, constantly seeking new alternatives and knowledge to address present challenges.
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