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55-min sport performance workout
If you’re aiming to improve mobility, strength, power, speed, and conditioning, this progressive, three-part workout series is for you. You’ll learn some of the movements and training techniques professional athletes come to us for.

Equipment: Dumbbells and a soft tissue ball (we'll be using the Hyperice Hypersphere vibrating ball) for cool-down.

This session focuses on speed, explosiveness, plyometrics, and upper body pulling with lower body pushing. We’ll also do conditioning and then mobility-based recovery. Give your body time to rebuild with an active recovery day before moving on to Thursday's workout.

This session focuses on change-of-direction/cutting, injury-prevention for the knees and low back, upper body pushing with lower body pulling. Conditioning will be multi-directional to help prepare athletes for the movements required on the sports field or court. Give your body time to rebuild with a recovery day before moving on to Saturday's workout.

This session focuses on plyometrics for power and injury-prevention as well as speed development, running mechanics, and total-body power. Conditioning in this workout will be the toughest of the three days. Be sure to have a relaxing recovery day following this to help your body rebuild.
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