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Poses designed to build bone in the hip, femur, lumbar spine, wrist and ribs - the five greatest sites of osteoporotic fracture.

We will go over each of the twelve poses in one series each week: Beginner, Intermediate and Classical versions. Every other week, beginning June 16th, we'll do the First Series of poses. So that will be the first week (6/16) and two weeks later (6/30) and two weeks after that, etc. On the alternate weeks, beginning June 23, we will alternate between the Second Series and the Third Series. So on June 23rd it will be the Third Series, and on July 7th it will be the second series, and so on after that.

There is a method in this madness because people in the study need to be evaluated every two weeks, (the First Series) but they and others may want to do the other series too.

Anyone wanting individual instruction should email me at loren@sciatica.org. I will make you a panelist and we'll look at your pose(s) during the session.

Loren M. Fishman, MD

All are welcome.
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