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How could an open access DNA-encoded library benefit your research?
OpenDEL®3.0 is a self-service DNA-encoded library (DEL) kit product to enable users to explore DEL selection campaigns without requiring to reveal their target identity. The users are able to perform affinity selections according to the selection manual and HitGen team provides technical support on DEL selections, high-throughput sequencing, and data analysis. This webinar will provide an overview of HitGen’s DEL platform and will highlight the workflow, key features, and customer experiences of OpenDEL®3.0 kits. Key Features of OpenDEL®3.0 kits:

1. Transparency: all DEL information (reagents and codons) is open to the users; the selection manual and key materials for selections are provided along with OpenDEL®3.0 product.

2. Drug-likeness: three-cycle DELs containing 90% molecules give MW<550 daltons.

3. Reliability: robust chemistry and strict library QC.

4. No downstream obligation: no compound disclosure fee and license fee for hits discovered from OpenDEL®3.0.


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