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Swing Mandolin Rhythm with Matt Flinner
Learn mandolin with one of today's premiere players. This eight-week course will look at swing rhythm playing---something we do all the time when playing with other people, but that we tend to neglect in our practice.
The course will give students the tools to play rhythm on swing standards in various keys, starting with the basics and moving into chord inversions, ii-V-Is, minor keys, playing rhythm in several different positions, and gradually moving toward chord melody.
The course is intended for players at a beginning to intermediate ability level (though absolute beginners will have a difficult time keeping up---knowledge of basic chords and rhythm playing will help!), or for players at any level who are looking to improve their chord vocabulary and rhythm playing.

The course fee is $225.

You can go ahead and register here, and we’ll send you an invoice via Paypal. If you’d prefer another method of payment, let us know via email at bluegrassmando101@gmail.com and we’ll get it worked out!
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