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How to Manage Intense Emotions From the Full Moon in Scorpio
This Full Moon in Scorpio falls on April 26th, 2021. It is known in astrology that Scorpio is one of the most intensely emotional zodiac signs. Scorpio emotions are deeply felt, volatile, and difficult to control. Because of this, a Full Moon in Scorpio can mean the release of an absolute torrent of feelings, some of which may hurt or upset those around to witness it.

However, Scorpio is also a very resilient zodiac sign, with great depths of inner resourcefulness. The strong emotions surrounding a Full Moon in Scorpio may be briefly painful or even damaging, but this can also be a very healing time. The catharsis of letting go of these emotions is ultimately good for us – tears may flow but following the tears can come a new sense of clarity.

A key trait of Scorpio in astrology is a desire to see beneath the surface, and during a Scorpio Full Moon, this investigative urge can lead to a loss of privacy or the betrayal of secrets. There can be vengeful or even spiteful undertones to Scorpio energy when it’s not well channeled, so this Full Moon can also bring about drama of that nature. If faced with people or events which appear to be spiraling out of control, an important way to handle the Scorpio Full Moon is to distance yourself emotionally from the chaos. Focus on the facts, but leave aside the judgement, blame, or recriminations for how you got here.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is making various aspects and angles to other planets which intensifies its influence. Find out how your zodiac sign can make the most of this influence with professional astrologer, Kelli Fox.

Apr 29, 2021 02:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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