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OC AiP Webinar Series; Building a Regional Social Enterprise Ecosystem for All
Traditional business models maximize economic return, fueling proficiency and innovation to address ever-increasing market demands. Nonprofits focus their limited resources on attempting to address the world’s greatest challenges, championing their vision for the significance of mission-driven impact.

One segment restricted by the expectations of its stakeholders, the other limited by a scarcity of resources. But what if you could harness the business segment’s advantages of economic sustainability and ability to scale and directed them to fuel large-scale sustainable impact? What if social good was not just a byproduct of business success, but one of the primary drivers of the bottom line?

Enter Social Enterprise

By taking a broader view of what can be accomplished by blurring the stark divisions between for-profit and nonprofit sectors, a new kind of organization emerges. This hybrid approach is now known as a social enterprise.

Social enterprises are ventures with a primarily social or environmental purpose, yet culturally and functionally indistinguishable from for-profit businesses. By creating a blended-value outcome of both financial success and social impact, they are capable of creating solutions at scale.

This rapidly growing innovative approach is taking root and exploding in most of the developed nations worldwide. Philanthropists and investors are re-engineering their distinct approaches in novel ways to engage and support this movement by aligning efforts and collaborating in new forms of collaborative catalytic capital.
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