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WEBINAR: Entrepreneurship in Space
We live in very exciting times. Space, for decades the exclusive domain of sovereign nations, is now accessible not only to the billionaire club of few but to the entrepreneurial world of many. Large and very expensive communication satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO) the size of a school bus are being replaced by thousands of small inexpensive satellites in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) (e.g. Planet, Spire, Starlink ...). A plethora of new launch vehicles is emerging in the marketplace, enabling low-cost access to space for all and single-stage-to-orbit space planes are also in the entrepreneurial pipeline. New infrastructure and additive manufacturing services are streamlining mission design and satellite manufacturing processes using flight-proven methods, design tools, and software services to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Applications are emerging on all fronts enabled by advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning as applied to volumes of data observed from space. Space Tourism in LEO, around the Moon, and on the Moon are within reach.

Large-scale investments in science and technology from NASA and other government agencies continue to enable new technologies that will further pay long-term dividends to humanity. As of today, there are two nuclear-powered rovers on the surface of Mars (Curiosity and Perseverance) as well as orbiters from the US, India, China, and the UAE. And a Kitty Hawk moment with the Ingenuity Helicopter on Mars (4/11/2021) will motivate the world of future young entrepreneurs to dream and explore space for the betterment of humanity. Long-term robotic and human exploration of the Moon is in full development with prospects for in-situ resource utilization and habitation. This keynote is the first in a series of events that will shed light on the emerging space marketplace of opportunities and possibilities for creating a better world for all.

Dr. Leon Alkalai - Founder & CEO, AstroLabs

May 6, 2021 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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