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Free Webinar: Putting Analytics to Work for Your Compliance Program
Our industry has been buzzing about data and analytics for years now and for good reason.

Good compliance practice has always involved periodically evaluating program effectiveness. And now that technology has given us the ability to collect and synthesize massive amounts of data, we’ve seen other industries develop approaches to amass and act on meaningful, data-driven insights.

But what does a meaningful analytics approach look like in compliance?

We've taken some time to rethink where valuable program insights can come from, and in this webinar we’ll share:

- Why measurement and analytics matter: The updated DOJ requirements build on a longtime goal of good compliance practice — the ability to demonstrate impact in your program and have an ongoing measurement of your organizational culture of compliance.

- A brief history of analytics: How do industries outside of compliance use analytics in meaningful ways? What can we learn from them?

- Putting analytics to work in your program: We’ll cover straightforward and practical ways you can start using analytics and measurement in your program today, from collecting the right data to turning raw data into actionable insights that can improve your program.
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