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Renewable Energy Communities to Boost the Energy Transition
Renewable energy communities (RECs) have multiple benefits, from reducing energy poverty to bringing together neighbours and creating a sense of belonging. RECs are essential for the green energy transition and to reach the EU’s goals of climate neutrality; yet, what is needed to establish these networks and ensure they reach their full potential?

The EU-funded Interreg MED Renewable Energy project works with nine municipalities in the Mediterranean, using their ETU Toolbox to support these municipalities implement RES projects – including energy communities. Through a panel discussion and interactive session with leaders of existing RECs, this event encourage the establishment of RECs across Europe, bringing together experienced leaders of renewable energy communities from the project’s network, energy experts, and others who are interested in adopting such practices, to explore the potential of energy communities and establish a mainstreaming roadmap.

Oct 27, 2021 11:00 AM in Brussels

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