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Unlocking the Data in Case Notes with Natural Language Processing
Tracy Rohrdanz, Business Application Manager, Allegheny County Dept. of Human Services
Tracy is leading Allegheny County Children Youth & Families effort to introduce NLP technology for child welfare. Participants will gain insight into Allegheny County's goals, lessons-learned, and future plans for Natural Language Processing as a tool for streamlining case management and transforming unstructured data into meaningful information.

Daniel Stein, Managing Director, Stewards of Change Consulting
The Stewards of Change have looked at the role of technology in child welfare for nearly 2 decades. In 2016 SoC previewed the potential for Artificial Intelligence and NLP in child welfare. Daniel will provide a view of progress in the years since SoC published the report and how the reality does - or does not align with SoC's vision.

Cristy Bearden, Caseworker II Allegheny Dept. of Human Services
Cristy will offer her perspective on the value of easy access to all the information in case notes while addressing her daily tasks.


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