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Demo & Office Hour: SFTP Integration
Register for our demo to learn how DataBlend connects via SFTP to nearly 100 finance and accounting applications. After the demo we will have office hours so that you can ask questions.

SFTP is the Rosetta Stone of integration:
SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol is the fancy way of saying flat file (or Excel document). It establishes security by encrypting both authentication credentials and data files being transferred.

At DataBlend, SFTP is one of the most common integration points for clients. For example, via SFTP/flat file you can automate a flat file to any secure location and manipulate however you want.

A few benefits of connecting via SFTP/flat file:
- It can be connected quickly and bypass most of the implementation process
- It is a secure and flexible way of transferring data
- It allows you to remain in control
- And so much more!

SFTP is a great option when you can’t integrate directly into a system. DataBlend can take any file structure and make it work.
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