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Interior Glazing Solutions for Optimum Daylighting, Health, Safety + Wellness
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Topics discussed include a comparison of how five commonly specified light-transmitting interior panel types meet key design objectives such as optimizing daylight, balancing views and privacy, ease of installation, sustainability and aesthetics.

The benefits of daylighting and views on occupant wellness and productivity are addressed, as well as the increasing role of wellness, sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria in workplace and business trends – in particular in the design of hybrid work, in business planning and in investor/stakeholder evaluations.

Honeycomb technology is presented with a focus on how it provides unique Health, Safety and Wellness benefits. Daylighting, views, visual privacy/safety and impact resistance/safety are covered.

Learning Objectives

- How five commonly specified interior light transmitting panels meet key design objectives: Diffused daylight, balancing views and privacy, ease of installation and aesthetics.
- How honeycomb light transmitting panels meet them using multicellular composite technology.
- The increasing role of wellness, sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria in workplace and business trends
- How honeycomb light transmitting panels provide unique health, safety and wellness benefits.


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Emmanuelle Bourlier
Founding Partner, CEO @Panelite
Emmanuelle co-founded Panelite, developing the first translucent honeycomb panel for architecture in 1998, and is the company’s CEO. Emmanuelle’s expertise is in material innovation; Panelite leads the field in applying the energy-saving, daylighting, net-zero potential of honeycomb technology to the built environment. Panelite’s ClearShade is recognized by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory as a frontrunning technology in daylight-optimization and energy savings and is specified by renowned firms including OMA, Herzog & deMeuron, and Gensler. Prior to Panelite, Emmanuelle worked in architecture firms in Paris and New York. She holds a B.A. Architecture (UC Berkeley), an M. Arch (Columbia University) and completed UCLA Anderson’s Executive Program. She is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and material innovation, and is a Board Member of the LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design. She lives and skateboards in LA with her twelve-year-old son.
Ruben Suare
Partner, VP of Sales and Strategy @Panelite
Ruben has over 25 years of experience in architecture and manufacturing, helping architects and manufacturers collaborate to achieve higher levels of innovation. As Panelite’s VP of Sales and Strategy, Ruben has been instrumental in developing the market for both interior and exterior translucent honeycomb panels, learning first-hand about clients' evolving performance requirements, building code developments, and technical advancements in the field. Previously, at 3form (2004 - 2010) Ruben created and ran the architectural division to facilitate knowledge transfer between architects and the manufacturing facility, making it easier to achieve successful, innovative projects. Ruben holds a BA in Architecture (UC Berkeley) and an MBA (UC Irvine). He has lectured at universities internationally and participated in conferences on innovation in architecture and construction.
Cori Izsak Gale
Sales Manager @Panelite
Cori has been passionate about architecture and interior design for over 30 years, helping clients, architects and designers exceed their project goals. As an interior designer at HOK for 8 years, Cori gained firsthand experience in the challenges of practicing design. Taking that knowledge to Knoll (as a Sales Representative), Cori became an invaluable resource to her clients and the architectural / design community. In Kansas City, Cori was a Co-Founder of the BEP, Built Environment Professionals – an organization designed to share common programming among the building professional organizations. In her ten years at Panelite, Cori’s leadership, warmth and attention to detail has inspired the sales team and her dedication to her clients’ projects is evident in an impressive portfolio of successful projects. Cori holds a BS (University of Missouri, Columbia). Pre-Covid, she traveled the MINK states (MO, IA, NE + KS) extensively in her Prius and enjoys having two independent teen-agers.